Our Mission and Vision

Casa Chiapas Tampa is a recognized Plaza Comunita that has the mission to promote the participation of the immigrant community in Tampa Bay to meet the basic needs of children, youth, adults and their families, and to facilitate access to education, health and a better quality of life. Through these efforts we are committed to the defense of the human rights and dignity of Mexican and Hispanic immigrants.

Our Story

Casa Chiapas Tampa was established in October 2011 and earned 501(C)3 status in July 2014 (Non-Profit Tax exempt), which helped to integrate a network of caring volunteers to assist alongside our team of dedicated employees.     

Throughout the years we have developed the following main service areas:

  1. Adult literacy services
  2. Adult basketball league
  3. Youth (ages 5-12) soccer league
  4. Collaboration and partnership with the Mexican Consulate, including our role as a site partner for the Consulados Moviles (Assistance and facility space for the mobile consulate of Mexico.)
  5. Language interpretation (Maya languages, Spanish, and English)
  6. Consultation and referrals
  7. Community events and cultural activities  

In Pursuit of a promising future!

This "search for the good life" brings together women and men of diverse backgrounds and cultures that are the basis for building equal opportunities in the community of Tampa. According to estimates of the Mexican Consulate, there are over 5,000 immigrants from the state of Chiapas (Mexico) working in the Tampa Bay Area. Casa Chiapas also celebrates Chiapanecan culture and helps to maintain community and transnational ties. It has received Plaza Comunitaria status from Mexico’s Institute of Mexicans Abroad and collaborates with the Government of the State of Chiapas and the Mexican Consulate in Orlando through the provision of various services and programs.